Peach Fuzzer: Embedded Edition Training

By Adam Cecchetti

We’ve been hard at work at Déjà vu Security on a deep training offering “Peach Fuzzer: Embedded Edition”.  


During the course, students will learn the particulars of hardware fuzzing with Peach, the effective targeting of embedded systems, and the four tenets of fuzzing.  The course includes hands on labs that teach students:

  • Refreshing on Peach
  • Interfacing Peach with Hardware
  • Demonstrating Control of the Target system
  • Effectively Fuzzing and Monitoring the System for Feedback
  • Creating Custom Peach Extensions
  • Using Side Channels to Detect Faults When Regular Means are not Available

The Peach Fuzzer: Embedded Edition target development board simulates a satellite dish controller that is remotely accessible via the ModBUS protocol.  Additionally, the target hosts an administrative interface over Bluetooth for remote debugging in the field. The students will learn to identify these interfaces and complete a custom ModBUS and Bluetooth PIT. Later labs demonstrate how to extend peach to create custom monitors and publishers.

The course was first offered at Blackhat Vegas 2013 and will be offered again at Blackhat Vegas 2014. To have Déjà vu Security host a private training for your organization contact