Deja Vu Security Assists In Ehtereum Release

Security Assessment Reduces Attack Surface in Blockchain 2.0 Technology.

Seattle, WA, July 21, 2015

Deja vu Security, LLC, is excited to announce its contribution in the release of the ethereum project, a development platform that offers great promise and uses second-generation blockchain technology. Applications built upon this platform include, but are not limited to, financial products and derivatives, contract systems, health record systems, file storage applications, as well as voting and governance applications. As this is a nascent technology, many use cases may yet be undiscovered.

The security assessment consisted of many reviews, including of a design review, a solutions review, reviews of a protocol and a quasi-Turing-complete virtual machine of the clients, with appropriate tests using the industry-leading Peach Fuzzer® platform.

The results were stellar. Ethereum is excited about their launch and, according to Jeffrey Wilcke, Ethereum Director and Chief of the Mist and Go client projects, “We were able to resolve severe issues only with your help for which we are incredibly grateful.”

For more information, see the case study.

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