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Cloud security

Deja vu Security has extensive experience securing  cloud based applications, deployments, and infrastructure.  


Financial Institutions

Protecting customer data has never been more imperative. We help banks and other financial institutions secure their customer data by protecting their infrastructure, applications, devices, and customers.


Industrial Systems

Water, energy, and manufacturing are critical to the flow of resources in our society. Deja vu Security helps design, test, and ensure the ongoing integrity of ICS and SCADA systems.


We partner with the world's leading blockchain based cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and infrastructure organizations.



Deja vu Security understands mobile first strategies for growing consumer and business markets. We help mobile device manufacturers secure their hardware and organizations secure their mobile applications and customer experiences. 



We help protect patients and medical information at all tiers of the healthcare system. Deja vu Security reviews devices, facilities, infrastructure, and medical records applications. 

Internet of Things

Deja vu Security is a leading embedded testing expert since 2010. We secure the applications, firmware, and hardware that makes the IoT possible.  



In a world where consumers have hundreds of choices at their fingertips, retailers have to defend their customer's trust and brand integrity by processing transactions securely. We help secure PoS terminals and protect revenue generating systems. 



Today's automobiles are increasingly connected. We help secure the automotive integration ecosystem and software.