Akshay Aggarwal

Akshay is a founder and Executive Chairman at Deja vu Security. He is a passionate entrepreneur. In his 15+ years leading information security businesses, he has helped many organizations achieve a balance between business needs and their security goals. Previously, Akshay was a Director with Microsoft's Information Security & Risk Management group. There, he led the information security consulting practice & was responsible for transforming Microsoft's Application Security process. Akshay holds a MS in Computer Science from the University of California at Davis. There, at the renowned Computer Security Lab, he conducted research on Internet worms and intrusion detection systems.

Adam Cecchetti

Adam is a founding partner and Chief Executive Officer at Deja vu Security. He is dedicated to the leadership and relentless innovation in Deja's products and services.  Previously he has lead teams conducting application and hardware penetration tests for the Fortune 500 technology firms. Adam is a contributing author to multiple security books, benchmarks, tools, and DARPA research projects. Adam holds a degree in Computer Science and a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Networking.

Michael Eddington

Michael is a founder of Deja vu Security and its former CTO. Currently, he is the Chief Architect for Peach Fuzzer. He is an authority in embedded system security, cloud security and application security.

Michael's research is currently heavily focused on security fuzzing. He is a pioneer in the field, having developed the industry leading open source fuzzing platform Peach.  Peach is used by several industry-leading technology companies as a fuzzing platform. 

Michael has worked for some of the leading security companies and was instrumental in establishing the Security Services Center for Hewlett-Packard's services division.

Michael has also participated in a number of open-source security development projects ranging from threat modeling (such as the Trike threat modeling conceptual framework) to fuzzing (e.g. The Peach Fuzzer Framework).