People throughout this global economy are rightly concerned about the risk they face from the devices and systems surrounding them. Deja vu Security helps organizations and governments take control of this risk. We build secure solutions and provide a full-range of services including strategic insight, proactive advice, tactical assessment and customized development.

Advisory Services

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What is the cumulative cybersecurity risk of an organization’s connected products, systems, and applications (CSP)? Does everyone agree the company is addressing the right risks at the right time? Do all partners understand their roles in responding to security issues?

Deja can help your organization design, build, and transform its CSP security program, and provide managed security services for your company at every step of the development process.

How we can help you innovate:

  • Assess and design a CSP security program

    • Deja can assess the current product security program maturity, develop a future roadmap, and assess the implementation of a CSP solution.

  • Build and transform a comprehensive CSP security program

    • Deja can design a secure CSP development process and integrate it with engineering teams to determine secure requirements, design, development, and testing. Our team can also design and operate a CSP security governance committee to drive the security program, perform proof of concept for security technologies and build architecture to support adoption.

  • Provide managed security services

    • Deja can operate security services during the development of the CSPs. Moving to a managed service will allow flexibility to scale the team as new CSP integration and maintenance strategies change, while also increasing quality of existing services to align with senior management initiatives.

Application Security

These days, there is an app for everything. While your app may be driving efficiency, productivity and profit, it may also harbor vulnerabilities that can be exploited - in turn, placing users and customers at risk. In the hyper-competitive business environment of application tech, nothing stings so fiercely as lost customer trust or damaged reputation. Lower adoption rates, decreased sales, and hard-to-shake perceptions are frequent consequences for companies that neglect to secure their applications. 

We provide comprehensive end-to-end security solutions that include security training, design and architecture assessment, code review, threat modeling, penetration testing and more

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Embedded Device and IoT Security

No matter what you’re doing or what you’ve built, your embedded electronic device almost certainly has security flaws that are yet to be exposed. Products, technologies and entire business models have collapsed because of security breaches that easily could have been prevented. These issues are not always obvious to the development team, nor are they simple to uncover. Trust the security of your mission-critical devices to the experts at Deja vu Security and ask us to perform a full-scope security assessment of your embedded devices and Internet of Things projects.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Integrating multiple organization’s IT infrastructures after a merger or acquisition raises several security challenges for IT staff. Evaluating and managing risk of infrastructure, technology assets, cloud deployments, and networks is crucial to ensuring organizational integrity. Deja vu Security assesses organization’s critical infrastructure for common and new threats that put the acquiring company’s business operations at risk. We can also evaluate the risk profiles of the dozens to thousands of vendors your business relies on.


Engaging Deja vu Security to perform a security review of your blockchain application or implementation enables you to reduce the risk of financial loss, as well as a high risk to reputation at the hands of malicious hackers. The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Security Service provides you with the ability to identify, understand, and mitigate distributed ledger and implementation risks to blockchain based applications. Our methodology will carefully study the design and test the implementation of your blockchain application, looking for security vulnerabilities that could be used to exploit the distributed system. 

Here are some of the methods we use to understand, analyze, and mitigate blockchain application risk:

  • Threat modeling & secure design review

  • Security code review

  • Ledger penetration testing

  • Application fuzz testing

  • Cryptocurrency and transaction verification and testing

  • Peer-to-peer network testing

Read our Ethereum case study to see how we worked with the founder of Ethereum on securing their blockchain systems.


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Other Services

Need something that doesn't fit neatly into AppSec, mergers and acquisitions, or blockchain? We've probably got you covered: